Waterproof. Windproof. Cityproof. Bring the rain.

MYSHELTER is more than a rain jacket. Downpour or drizzle, it’s like a second skin for moving through the city. From the mountains. For the city. This is technical outerwear for urban creators. Engineered with intelligent design and the best adidas Outdoor technology. MYSHELTER is designed to defy elements in the city. Our dynamic DOOH campaign was designed to illustrate this, triggering specific messaging according to rainy conditions.

The campaign was split into three trigger categories to engage, attract and convert messages. The engage messaging was city-specific, letting the viewer know that the MYSHELTER jacket can defy the elements in your city. The attract messages were triggered depending on the type of rain forecast. These time-based creatives gave the passer-by a heads-up of what type of rain to expect. Finally, the convert messaging was product-based, showing the jacket, along with a call-to-action highlighting the protection it provides. This well thought out structure enabled adidas to give its audience the where, why and how this product benefits them.