Ultra Boost 19

The relentless pursuit of reinvention.

The Lone Wolf was tasked with versioning the Adidas Ultra Boost 19 campaign for all DOOH, throughout the UK. This amounted to over 80+ unique resolutions, across 2088 different placements. From one master source file, our studio managed to turn this around in less than two days… no need for an ultra boost here.

What is running, if not the search for something new and different? Adidas wanted to develop a footwear concept that would truly drive the sport forward. It all began with 4,000 creators, who were assembled to collectively reimagine what running could be. From 4,000 creators to 4 key components: Ultraboost 19 is here. And, with its unrivalled package of reboosted features and fit, it’s ready for the new era of running.